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Solar Shading

Solar Shading

Wherever there are glass or polycarbonate windows in a  working environment there is always heat build up above the comfort zone in summer, heat loss in winter, annoying glare on TV / monitor screens, damaging ultra-violet light causing colour fading to furniture and other items, as well as a lack of privacy.

Castle Blinds and Awnings window films applied to the surface of the glazing totally alter the performance of the glass so that it will:

  • Reduce heat by up to 80%

  • Cut out 99% of UV rays

  • Reduce glare by up to 80%

  • Give increased privacy

  • Add security

  • Add aesthetic value to any application

The films are applied internally or with certain glass types externally. They all carry manufacturer's warranties of 10 years plus and come with a scratch resistant coating for protection during cleaning.

Security Film

Security film is a heavier duty material specifically designed to strengthen glass in vulnerable areas and to bring older glass into line with BS EN12600 glass safety regulations. This is particularly important for schools and public building but is also available for domestic situations to provide added security to exterior glass.

7 Proven Facts about Window Tinting

Window Tinting

Fact 1: Decreases Heat

Today's window film is extremely efficient a controlling the effects of solar energy. Films can provide up to 80% heat reduction as compared to untreated glass.

Fact 2: Reduces Fading

Window film blocks 99% of harmful UV rays, providing a sunscreen while reducing solar heat. Minimising these causes of fading protects your valuable furnishings.

Fact 3: Cuts Glare

There is no need to put up with annoying glare. Whatever the cause - direct sun, reflections from snow, water or surrounding buildings - there is an ideal window film solution.

Fact 4: Improves Comfort and Provides Energy Savings

Don't live with temperature imbalances caused by areas of extreme sun or shade. Window film can remedy this problem and reduce air conditioning costs.

Fact 5: Increases Safety and Security

Shattering glass is a hazard when accidents happen or when vandalism or environmental effects cause breakage. The protection offered by window films can provide a functional "safety net" that will make you feel secure.

Fact 6: Enhances Appearance

A smart uniform look improves the appearance of your home or building.

Fact 7: It's Fast and Easy

Professional installation is fast and non-intrusive. There is minimal disruption to lifestyle activities or work schedules. A comfortable work force is a productive work force

Commercial Window Tinting

Window Tinting

Is your office or workplace like an oven - even in spring and autumn sunshine let alone summer?

Is the glare so much that you have to close blinds to be able to do your job? Does the air conditioning fail to cope or cost too much to run?

A real alternative to the above are window films from Castle Blinds and Awnings which will alleviate all the discomfort of temperature extremes in the work place. Window films reject heat damaging UV rays while allowing light to pass through.

No maintenance required.

Reduces summer heat by as much as 80% and glare by up to 80% Keeps in winter warmth. Complies with work place health and safety / welfare regulations.